The UK’s first all-⁠electric airport shuttle

The UK’s first all-⁠electric airport shuttle

The UK’s first all-⁠electric airport shuttle

We are Driven. Our mission is to change the way people travel to and from airports, by delivering journeys that are sustainable, affordable and enjoyable. Transportation is going through unprecedented change. From fossil fuel to electric and connected. The passenger experience needs to change too.

We are different


Our service is all-electric

Zero tailpipe emission vehicles with the highest safety record.


We encourage rideshare

It’s financially and environmentally better if you share your ride. Driven enables you to do this, and is the UK’s only door-to-door shuttle service.


Know your driver

Passenger trust and confidence are critical to us. Our cars are clearly identified, and our highly professional drivers are too.


Pricing to make you smile

A forty minute ride can cost as little as £9 per person.
And luxury vehicles every time.


Driven supports you and your organisation to deliver the best travel experience for employees, and assists you in monitoring and reducing travel costs.

The Driven experience provides luxury and convenience for your employees, and we are dedicated to ensuring their journey is as simple and serene as possible. To talk to us about our terms and corporate pricing either call us on 01279 351590 or enquire now.

Your staff’s safety is important to us. Our highly professional drivers understand your team may wish to work during the journey, and will ensure all their needs are taken care of.

We’re also here to help staff responsible for organizing corporate travel. Coordinating diaries and managing travel itineraries for large teams can be time consuming and complicated. Let us help.

Expenditure visibility

Driven provides companies with the capability to monitor travel and expenditure, and identify potential savings. 24/7 online report of journeys booked and taken.

  • Who
  • When
  • Where (to/from)
  • Service
  • Cost

Expenditure control

Easily allocate specific levels of service to specific groups of staff, e.g. Board, Senior Management, Junior Management, General Staff.

  • Car type
  • Private / Shared
  • Pricing Levels

Easy Booking


3 Ways to book

Online, a quick phone call to our Driven support desk on 01279 351590, or via our app.

Driven airport shuttles offer rideshare to maximise the sustainability of the vehicle. You book per seat, and there are up to 6 seats available per trip. You can select your preferred rideshare, 1 stop, 2 stop or 3 stop.

Alternatively you may choose to book an exclusive ride with us.



We’re highly competitive and even more affordable than other private hire companies.
A forty minute ride can cost as little as £9 per person.

We offer a flat fee, with no additional car parking or waiting time charges. Pricing varies by destination. To see how much your Driven trip will be, just select TO AIRPORT or FROM AIRPORT on the booking form and enter your journey details.


Cambridge - London Stansted shuttle

A scheduled shuttle service between the main central Cambridge hotels and London Stansted Airport. Book online or purchase a ticket from the hotel reception or airport terminal.

Click here to download our scheduled service timetable.


Driven is committed to providing an all-electric service. Currently our fleet is comprised of the Tesla Model X; a luxury vehicle that offers the opportunity for Driven to provide the standard of service we want for our passengers.

Our organisation and infrastructure have been designed to ensure vehicles are maintained to the highest standard, and are fully charged before every journey.

The Model X’s combination of zero emissions, pure electric, and extended range, have created a transportation platform with unprecedented safety, comfort and tranquility.

Our fleet has fluid all-wheel electric drive for maximum grip in all conditions, ample seating for up to seven adults, active safety features, and up to 300 miles of range on a single charge.

We are continuously assessing the electric vehicle market, and we are expanding our fleet using the best electric vehicle technology available.

Active Safety Features in all of our vehicles include: Automatic Emergency Braking, Side Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Driver assistance capabilities and more. Over-the-air software updates optimise the vehicle’s advanced sensor technology.

Falcon Wing doors enhance accessibility to the middle and rear rows, and are capable of opening in even the tightest parking spaces, making our cars the fastest and easiest to board. Storage room is best-in-class, enabling us to take the most luggage of any similar-sized passenger vehicle.


Our drivers are the most important part of our service. We’re proud of our friendly, professional team, who will introduce themselves to you, assist you with your luggage and ensure you arrive safely and on time.

Passenger confidence and safety are paramount. All our drivers undergo extensive background checks and medicals. Driven uses the latest technology to complete rigorous checks, so you can trust the person meeting you at home and responsible for your safety during your trip, is a fully-licensed, trained professional and has your comfort and security front of mind.

All of our trips are monitored to ensure that you are Driven in an exemplary fashion and for our drivers to continually learn from their experiences and from each other.  

Drivers are full time employees of the Driven team. Every one is an experienced, courteous professional driver with a full complement of Advanced Driving Skills to make your ride smooth and comfortable. From the operational staff to our fleet of drivers, we are all dedicated to ensuring you have the best travel experience.



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As soon as you book your flight. Our pricing changes with time, just like with airline tickets. The earlier you book, the better we can plan our services and journeys to be optimally efficient, and we pass these savings on to you.


Which service should I choose?

It depends upon what is most important to you:

  • Exclusivity: Exclusive Shuttle
  • Best value: Premium Shared Shuttle
  • Cheapest: Shared Shuttle

Which airports and towns / cities do you serve?

All cities, towns and villages within three hours of all major UK airports.


What are your hours of operation?

24 / 7 / 365.

Every hour of every day.


What does Door2Door mean?

Direct transport in one luxurious vehicle. Driven drivers will pick you up from your front door, escort you to your shuttle, drive you serenely to the airport and then drop you off next to the terminal or vice versa. No transfers, no buses, no other vehicles, no surcharges....

Shared Shuttle Concept

When you enter the details of your journey, you will be presented with the option of booking an exclusive (private) shuttle or sharing a shuttle.
Depending upon the number of passengers in your group, you will be typically be presented with a number of sharing options, some of which will offer a Premium Service.
Each option has a different width of pick-up / drop-off window.
The widest window is the cheapest, because it enables us to make the maximum number of pick-ups / drop-offs for that type of vehicle, thus you are sharing the cost of the shuttle with the maximum number of people, thereby minimising your cost.
The narrowest window enables us to make only one other drop-off or pick-up before or after yours.
You could be the first pick-up / drop-off (earliest time) or the last pick-up / drop-off (latest time).
We plan our journeys 12 hours in advance. We will notify you then of your precise pick-up / drop-off time.
It is your choice how much time you are willing for your journey to take versus how much money you want to spend.
The longer you are prepared for your journey to take, the cheaper your shuttle.
However, if you value your time, but still want to share to save money, to help the environment or just to meet other like-minded people, then choose the Shared option with the narrowest time window.
Choosing the option with the narrowest time window doesn't necessarily reduce the number of people with whom you might share the shuttle, it just ensures a shorter travel time.
If you want to share a shuttle, but want to reduce the number of sharers, then you should choose our Premium Shared Shuttle, which also has similar time options, but sometimes less options depending upon your group size.

The Premium Shared Shuttle

Ensures that you get:
  • an empty seat next to you
  • a window seat
  • to take a piece of standard-sized airline hold luggage as well as a standard-sized airline cabin bag.

Exclusive Shuttle

Exclusive transport to / from the airport for your group and your luggage in one of our luxurious, comfortable, safe and serene vehicles, Driven by the pinnacle of highly professional and courteous drivers exclusive to Driven.

Exclusive Shuttle Luggage Allowance

If you book the shuttle privately, then you can take as much luggage as the vehicle will hold (click on the ? next to the Exclusive label on the pricing stage of the booking process for information on the luggage capacity of the vehicle).
If your group is smaller than the maximum passenger capacity of the vehicle, then you can take more luggage and we may even be able to take oversized luggage or sports equipment, but please contact us before booking to confirm if yours will fit with your group size. There is even space under your seat for small items such as handbags.

Premium Shared Shuttle Luggage Allowance

Each passenger in your group is entitled to one piece of standard-sized airline cabin baggage and one piece of standard-sized airline hold luggage (usually 20kg maximum). There is also space under your seat for small items such as handbags.

Shared Shuttle Luggage Allowance

Each passenger in your group is entitled to one piece of standard-sized airline cabin baggage. There is also space under your seat for small items such as handbags.

How much room will I have in the Shared Shuttle?

There is more space in and around each of our seats than you will typically get on an aeroplane. You can maximise the space around you by choosing our Premium Shared service, which ensures that you:
  • Have an empty seat next to you
  • Have a window seat
  • Can take one piece of standard-sized airline hold luggage as well as one standard-sized airline cabin bag.

How do you decide my pick-up time?

We simply ask you for the time that you wish to arrive at the airport, and then use our proprietary journey planning algorithm, route experience and your choice of service to determine the best time to collect you so as to get you and your fellow passengers to the airport at or before your requested time. Each journey is individually calculated and is time and day specific.

How do you determine my drop-off time?

We simply ask you for the time that you wish to be collected from the airport, and then use our proprietary journey planning algorithm, route experience and your choice of service to determine your likely arrival time. Each journey is individually calculated and is time and day specific.

Compare with Parking

  • Faster:
    • No need to drive around the large parking lot searching for available spaces
    • No waiting for a transfer bus to the airport
    • No wasted time travelling on the transfer bus
  • More convenient:
    • No transferring yourself and your baggage to and onto / off the airport bus
    • No searching for the parking transfer bus stop
    • No waiting at the car park or airport
  • Better value than driving your car:
    • Add together the cost of parking, fuel, depreciation, tyre wear, etc. and you will find that Driven is much more cost effective, even as a Exclusive Shuttle, as well as more relaxing.
  • Less risky:
    • Highly trained and experienced drivers at the pinnacle of their profession
    • Safest vehicles in their class
    • Our vehicles are the most reliable in their class
    • Your vehicle is safely stored at home with no risk of car park users denting it
    • Will your vehicle still start when you return?
    • Driving yourself at unusual hours or after a long flight can be hazardous
    • Our drivers are trained and experienced at driving at unusual / unsociable hours
  • More environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel propulsion

Compare with Taxi

  • More environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel propulsion
  • More reliable
  • Highly professional, advanced drivers with excellent people skills and knowledge, vetted using the most thorough and detailed background checks.
  • More luxurious
  • More comfortable
  • Safer
  • Fresh, new, modern fleet
  • Easy access seating
  • All services offer better value:
    • Exclusive Shuttle
    • Premium Service
    • Shared Shuttle

Compare with Public Transport

  • Faster and more convenient: with Public Transport, you usually have to change at least once:
    • Bus to Train
    • Taxi to Train
    • Bus to Bus
    • Taxi to Bus
    Furthermore, you always have to allow extra time at each step of your journey, as they don't run precisely when you want to, and are often delayed / cancelled. This adds significant extra time to your journey, often more than double the Driven time.
  • We operate 24 / 7 / 365: Public Transport usually doesn't run late at night or early in the morning and has reduced services outside of rush hour (9h - 17h).
  • Some of our shared services will even be cheaper as well as substantially faster.
  • More environmentally friendly than buses.
  • Quieter
  • More comfortable seats, temperature and outlook

Cancellation Policy

Exclusive or Premium service enable you to cancel for free up to twelve hours before your scheduled pick-up time. Cancelling after this incurs a 50% fee, but this can be put towards a future trip if booked within seven days of cancellation.
The Shared service enables you to cancel for free up to 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time. Cancelling after this incurs a 100% fee, but this can be put towards a future trip if booked within seven days of cancellation.
If you have purchased Cancellation Protection, then your trip is fully refundable, provided you cancel no more than 24 hours after your scheduled pick-up time.

Flight Delays

If you have given us your flight number and your flight is delayed, then we will fit you onto the next available shuttle. We will monitor your flight and keep you appraised of the options, so that you can relax and enjoy your flight knowing that you will still be Driven home when you land.

Flight Cancellations

If you have given us your flight number and your flight is cancelled, then please contact us as soon as this happens so that we can liaise with you to fit you onto the next available shuttle for your re-scheduled flight.

Traffic Delays

We make all reasonable efforts to build regular / expected traffic-related delays into our journey times and include buffers for unexpected delays; however, occasionally, traffic delays are so severe that you may miss your flight.
In these very extraordinary cases, these delays would have been experienced by you whichever mode of road transport you would have chosen, so we cannot accept responsibility if these cause you to miss your flight. However, where possible, and if it is safe and legal to do so, then our drivers will always try to navigate around the delays.

What if my shuttle breaks down?

We use only electric vehicles, because they are the most reliable type of vehicle propulsion with minimum moving parts. This minimises the possibility of a break-down en route.
Furthermore, most breakdowns are from predictable events. As well as being regularly serviced and checked daily, choosing electric vehicles means that we can use advanced, state-of-the-art, monitoring systems of crucial components which will usually alert us to fix the issue before it can impact a journey.
However, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, then we will immediately despatch one of our identical emergency fleet, thus minimising any disruption to your travel schedule.

Is the car self-driving or autonomous?

No. Our professional, experienced, highly-trained, advanced drivers will be fully driving every one of our vehicles at all times.